Wine Tastings

Organic Wine, Food & Friends

Wine with Chef Kat is Vegan and Organic.

Yes, you read that right! 

Want to have a Food and Wine Tasting?

Chef Kat will pair your favorite organic wines with fabulous finger food, entrees or just desserts. This is a new 'dinner party' concept - I am thrilled to bring it to you and your home. 

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"This wine is Paleo, Keto, Vegan and Gluten Free! I am passionate about this wine and sharing it with all my clients, friends and family. You will be impressed by the amazing taste. Recognizing the lack of the wine headache due to the absence of additives, sugars & will order more, I promise. They are all pure, natural and delicious!

Join my wine club - have your organic wine delivered right to your door step" Chef Kat

About the wine

  • NO Added Chemicals (Zero, Nada, Nothing!)  Ex:  NO Mega Purple - the additive that stains your teeth!

  • NO Added Sugars (paleo & keto friendly)

  • NO Synthetic Pesiticides, non-GMO. Always from biodynamic, sustainable and/or organic farming

  • Vinified by hand, not manufactured in a lab

  • Slow-crafted to extract naturally occurring antioxidants

  • Lower Sulfites

  • Each wine has been hand-selected by a Level 3 Sommelier (founder), then lab tested to certify "clean-crafted" standard

  • Shipped right to your doorstep, or delivered straight to your recipients.  FREE shipping on $99/ order. 

  • Exclusivity - "Clean-Crafted" wines are held to strict standards and as such, are not mass-produced.  They are all small batch wines, so limited and changing periodically.  

  • Satisfaction Guarantee