• Katherine Arthurs

My Favorite Gluten + Dairy Free Pantry Staples

I write lists like it's my full time freaking job. So if you need a list - come to me. I got you. Now, if only I could find all my lists. Oh, I'll just write another one. That's my life too! AHAHAHHA

If there was a need for you to be in your home for 1-2 weeks..like for an emergency, bad weather, family sickness or you just want to be a hermit for some time....here is what I would stock up on.

Pantry Foods:

1. Bone Broth: I love Bonefide Provisions

2. Canned Coconut Milk + Refrigerated Unsweetened Coconut Milk

3. Tea/Coffee: Four Sigmatic is my jam + I CAN'T live without it.

4. Gluten Free Baking Flour Mix - I'm loving Bobs Red Mill + Cup 4 Cup

5. Gluten Free Grains: Quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, oats + millet are all great options

7. Gluten Free Pasta: All we buy is Tinkyada

8. Dried lentils, beans + rice

9. Cooking oil + fats: the more the better in your pantry

10. Spices, Salt + Pepper: Bland food is never good, under any circumstances

11. Crackers, Chips + Pretzels: Check out Van's Crackers

12. Vitamins/supplements: because well your health is important

13. Sun-dried tomatoes, Salsa, canned tomatoes (like fire roasted, whole + tomato puree)

14. Nut Butters: We love almond, sunflower + peanut butter

15. Raw nuts, dried fruits + trail mix

Counter-top Foods:

1. Lemons + Limes. Because cocktails need a garnish, soups need some acid + baking can always use some.

2. Ginger: add to smoothies, juices, soups + stir frys

3. Garlic: because hello, its amazing

4. Yellow + Red Onions + Shallots

5. Potatoes: I can't get enough sweet potatoes

6. Apples (every kind - honeycrisp are my favorite)

7. Bananas. Eat them within a week or watch them brown up for some great bread. Check out this recipe.

8. Squash: Butternut is a good one + lasts for a while on the countertop

Refrigerator + Freezer:

1. Root Vegetables: Carrots, Parsnips, Turnips - great in soups + roasting them adds so much to a meal.

2. Cured meats: They last a long time, great for snacks + lunch

3. Olives: they last a while + are delicious

4. Eggs, Eggs + more Eggs (or egg replacer)

5. Juice, Seltzer, No sugar drinks

6. Frozen Berries: make great smoothies, add to any baked good or chow down on them frozen.

7. Butter (fat): any kind of REAL fat. Butter makes a lot of things better in life.

8. Cheese: a collection is always best

9. Gluten Free Breads, Waffles, Bagels, English Muffins - all of them!

10. Frozen Fish: I know it's not the fresh kind, but in a pinch its great!

11. Frozen vegetables: don't forget something green - we love frozen peas + spinach.

AND holy smokes, those lists got a bit longer than I had thought.

What would you add to this list?