• Katherine Arthurs

Ginger + Apple Roast Pork Chops

The simplest meals, are sometimes the best. Short cooking time, pantry staples + great quality meat.

I love the combination of fresh ginger, apples + tender pork. The pan sauce is simple + pulls in all the flavors from the browned pork. The pork is perfect cooked in the sauce + charred apples. It's a good one.

I always opt for bone-in thick cut pork chops - they hold their moisture + stay tender when cooked over high heat. They don't take as long to cook as you may think!

Ginger + Apple Roast Pork Chops

1 tablespoon coconut oil

4 thick cut bone-in pork chops, patted dry

1/2 yellow onion, sliced

5 honey crisp apples, sliced

1/2 teaspoon each salt + pepper, plus more for seasoning

2 inch piece fresh ginger, minced

2 cups chicken bone broth

2 scallions, chopped

Using a large skillet (that will fit all the pork chops with a little room between them), heat the oil up over high heat.

Sprinkle both sides of the pork chops liberally with salt + pepper. When the pan is very hot, add the chops. Let them cook on the first side for 6-8 minutes or until the under side is very toasted brown but not burnt.

Flip them over + cook for 5 minutes. Remove the chops from the pan to a plate or platter to let sit. They aren't fully cooked at this point so don't taste test right now.

Turn the heat to medium + sauté the onions until tender + slightly browned. Add in the apples, salt, pepper + ginger. Mix to combine + cook for 2 minutes. Add in the bone broth + let it come up to a simmer.

When it's bubbling, add the pork chops back in. Nestle them in amongst the apples + sauce - try to get each one to the bottom of the pan. Cover the pan + let simmer on low for 4-6 minutes or until the center of the pork chops are slightly pink but not white.

Remove the pan from the heat + let sit for 2 minutes before serving. Garnish with the scallions + serve.


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