Personal Chef Services

Don't know how to cook gluten free? Need to change your diet?

Work all day and don't have time?

Whatever the reason is, we are here to help you achieve your goals.


Choose what works best for you. We will customize a service for you. Then we work on a menu just for you and schedule a day to cook your meals in your home...and we will clean up too!

Weekly Meal Prep
Monthly Meal Prep
A la Carte Options

Each cook date we come to your house to cook 4-7 meals for you. Pick from our customized menu and decide on the number of servings. Don't worry about food for the entire week!

We will create meals for you to freeze for the whole month. Choose from our freezer friendly menu - enjoy right away or freeze for another time. The menus include soups, stews, family meals and quick snacks.

  • Dinner Party 

  • Meal Plan Prep

  • Dietary Restriction Basics

  • Pantry Organization

  • Grocery Shopping Help

  • Set up my kitchen for success

Common Questions?

How much does all of this cost?

Prices range from $475 - $800 for meal prep. The factors are the number of servings and meals. All groceries are your responsibility - we give you the receipts!

My kitchen isn't fully stocked! 

Not to worry, we bring everything that we will need to prepare your meals. We bring our own cutting boards, knives, kitchen utensils, pots & pans. 

How do I reheat my meals?

It's simple. We will leave detailed instructions with you on how to reheat. But the basics are, preheat your oven to the temperature on the instructions and pop it in. Set your timer and enjoy while it's hot!

Are my meals made with organic ingredients?

We use organic and whole ingredients whenever possible. Rest assure that you are enjoying no processed food and everything is made with the freshest ingredients possible. Just like we make for our own family!

I'm ready! Now what? What are the first steps?

1. Contact us.

2. We will have a consultation with you over the phone/email, asking you some questions. 

3. Set up a cook date & decide on a menu. 4. We come to your house and cook.

5. Then you eat and enjoy!

I want to hire you for a special dinner!

Ok, we love dinners! This is our speciality! Contact us and we will create a custom menu for your memorable evening!