Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery brings ready to heat meals right to your door. Life can be busy but we still have to eat. Why not eat healthy without the trouble of preparing it?

Our ever changing menus offer you a variety of gluten free, dairy free, paleo friendly and vegetarian choices. Meals are made for 2 servings and are generally $25. Breakfast, soups, salads, and raw product prices are between $8-16.


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We email our menus on Wednesday, giving you a few days to make your selections. Order by Saturday night and we will send you an order confirmation. We deliver to your door step on Monday afternoons - now you have all your meals for the week!

How It all works

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*Order by midnight on Saturday!

Monday is Delivery DAY!

*Delivery times are between 1-3pm

Reheat & Enjoy!

Got Questions?

How do I reheat my meals?

It's simple. Preheat your oven to the temperature on the instructions label and pop it in. Set your timer and enjoy while it's hot!

Can I freeze any of the meals?

Look for our Freezer Friendly (FF) label when you order - some of our meals taste great even after being frozen. 

I can't be home during your delivery time.

We ask you to leave a cooler out for us or you can purchase a cooler bag from us to use each week. It's a deposit of $8 for two. It's free after 1 year of service with us and yours to keep!

Where do you delivery? Is there a fee?

Check out THIS map...and we are now offering FREE delivery if you address is in Denver!

Are my meals made with organic ingredients?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible. Rest asure that you are enjoying no processed food and everything is made with the freshiest ingredients possible. Just like we make for our own family!

How long will my meals last in the refrigeator?

The Chef reccomends, enjoying your meals within 3 days of delivery or freeze them for another time. Everything is delivered to you fresh and made within 24 hours! 

Purchase a cooler bag HERE